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Are you one of those drivers who always look for a comfortable car sizes chart in order to find out if your auto will fit in that parking space or not? Well, fret no more! We have compiled a list of dimensions of various cars so you can easily compare and find the perfect one for you.

But before you will go further, we want to talk a little bit more about vehicle dimensions, both exterior and interior.

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Why knowing the auto dimensions is so important?

Can`t you just rely on your driver's feelings? Why should you know the exact car height, length, and width? Well, there are several reasons for that.

For example, imagine that you have to park your car in a tight space. You know that you can do it, but only if you know how big is your car. The same goes for putting your vehicle in the garage - you need to make sure that it will fit there.

And some cars are too wide or too long to be transported by regular means, so knowing their size is important when you`re planning to move it from one place to another. Also, your turning radius strongly depends on the car dimensions.

So, as you can see, learning about the size of cars is not just a way to quench your curiosity - it's actually quite practical!

The same comes about knowing the interior car space. The legroom, headroom, hip room, and shoulder room are all important when you`re choosing a car for your family. You need to make sure that everyone will be comfortable during long trips, and the only way to do it is to know how much space there is inside the vehicle.

Now that we know all that, let's move on and take a look at proper measurement methods.

Things to consider about exterior car dimensions

When mentioning the sizes, automobilists usually think only about car lengths and widths, but in fact, they are something more than just the metrics.

Ground clearance is one of them. It's the shortest distance between the bottom of your car and the ground. In other words, it's how much space is there for you to go over an obstacle without damaging your vehicle. This might be an important thing to know if you're planning on going off-road a lot. And, yes, that is in fact, your auto`s height.

Another crucial element is the wheelbase. It's the distance between the centerlines of the front and rear wheels. The longer wheelbase usually means more interior space and a smoother ride but also a bigger turning radius. So, as you understand, it is significant when calculating the car length.

Last but not least - the track width. It's the distance between the centerlines of the wheels on each side of your car. The wider the track is, the more stable your vehicle will be on the road. But, again, a wider track also means a bigger turning radius. There are front and rear tracks, which means that the total width of your car will be the sum of those two. These dimensions determine the width of a vehicle, and that's why it's an essential measurement.

To sum up - knowing all these vehicle dimensions is important because they affect not only how your car looks but also how well it drives and how comfortable it is.

Can you change the parameters of your vehicle?

That is the question that we get a lot. And the answer is - it depends. You can`t, of course, change the car length or width without some serious modifications. But there are other things that you CAN do to adjust your vehicle to your needs and preferences.

For example, you can lower or raise your car. This way you will either improve its aerodynamics (and, as a result, make it faster) or increase the ground clearance (which might be important if you want to go off-road more often). The suspension of your auto plays an important role in this, so if you're planning on making any changes, make sure to consult with a professional first.

The same goes for the track width - it can be widened with special kits. But, as we've mentioned before, that will probably affect your turning radius, so think twice before you do anything. Many drivers alter the wheelbase of their autos by adding or removing axles. However, again, that's a complex modification that is better to be done by specialists.

Finally, when you add the custom bumper or extra accessories that may change a little bit the car length, width, and height. Still, those are usually not such big differences that you should worry about them.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when it comes to car dimensions. But don't worry - once you get the hang of it, it will be a piece of cake! And, who knows, maybe you'll even find out that you have a passion for cars!

How to measure the interior and exterior of my vehicle?

When it`s time for a motorist to get new tires, they need to know the size. To do that, you need to measure the exterior of your vehicle. But how do you do that?

The first thing you need is a measuring tape. You will also need someone to help you because it will be difficult to hold the tape and measure by yourself. Start with the car`s length. Measure from the front bumper to the back bumper.

The width is measured at the widest point of your vehicle, at the mirrors. Side mirrors are usually not included because they can be folded. When measuring the height, start from the ground and measure to the highest point of the roof.

And that's all there is to it! These are the most crucial exterior dimensions of your vehicle.

When it comes to interior measurements, things are a bit different. First, you need to know that there are two types of interior space - the front passenger space and the rear seat space. The first one is more important because the driver spends more time in their seat than passengers in the back.

To get an accurate number, you need to measure the distance between the door panels. That will give you the width. The headroom is measured from the top of the seat to the ceiling, with both front and rear seats in their upright position.

The legroom is measured from the back of the front seat to the back of the rear seat. And lastly, you need to know the shoulder room, which is the distance between the widest point of each seat.

However, what if you don`t want to make all those measurements? That is where the car space chart may be of use.

Why do drivers need a car sizes chart?

When you don`t want to wander everywhere with a measuring tape, there are other methods to know all auto sizes. Your manufacturer manual will provide you with some essential dimensions. Usually, such manuals contain information about the length, width, and height of your car. But that is not all.

Most importantly, you will find there the information about the turning radius. It's one of the essential dimensions, and it can be very useful. You will also find in the manual other essential things like ground clearance and track width. And if you want to know how much space is inside your vehicle, look for interior measurements like headroom, legroom, and shoulder room.

At the same time, the car dimensions database is a big help for anyone who is looking for a new vehicle. It's especially useful for those who are not sure what size they need. A car sizes chart is a list of all the vehicles, with all their sizes and measurements, in one place. This way, you can compare different models and find the perfect one for you.

In general, when it comes to cargo space, different makes, models, and even trim levels will have different numbers. It's not just the exterior and interior measurements that make a difference, but also the shape of the car. We hope, that our car sizes chart will help you sort out all those dimensions.


Knowing your car dimensions is essential, whether you are looking for new tires or planning to buy a new car. With measuring tape and some help, you can quickly get all the numbers you need. And if you don't feel like measuring everything by yourself, there are other options, like looking in your manufacturer's manual or using a car size chart. Either way, make sure you know all the dimensions of your vehicle before making any decisions!

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