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There are many important specifications you need to know about your vehicle, and one of them is your average towing capacity. For most car or truck owners, this is not a piece of knowledge they use every day, but once they do, it's better to have a handy "cheat sheet" up their sleeve. That is why our team of car enthusiasts prepared model-specific towing capacity charts to help you always have quick access to this information.

Guidelines For Safe Towing

You must know your limits to tow something safely without damaging your vehicle. Never exceed the recommended towing capacity of your car or truck and try to avoid towing at max capacity as well if it's possible. Extra weight and momentum put a lot of strain on your braking and suspension systems, and moreover, it promotes premature wear out of other integral parts.

This towing information will be pretty insightful for those who are still choosing a proper vehicle to pull a trailer, camper, or boat. Remember that you need to know how much towing capacity your vehicle of choice has to drive and maneuver safely without sacrificing steering and braking efficiency.

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