Explore Cadillac CT6 Steering Wheel Size Charts

Dimensions like the diameter and grip circumference are important when shopping for the steering wheel covers. With the help of our charts, Cadillac CT6 owners can find out the correct size of their steering wheel. And some interesting facts, too!

For instance, here you`ll know that 15 inches is the most common steering wheel diameter for Cadillac CT6 models.

The largest grip circumference is 4 5/8 inches meaning it increased by 8% when compared to the 2017 year when the model came off the factory line.

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  • 2020 Cadillac CT6

    • Steering Wheel Diameter – 15 in Amazon
    • Steering Wheel Grip Circumference – 4 5/8 in
  • 2019 Cadillac CT6

    • Steering Wheel Diameter – 15 in Amazon
    • Steering Wheel Grip Circumference – 4 5/8 in
  • 2018 Cadillac CT6

    • Steering Wheel Diameter – 15 in Amazon
    • Steering Wheel Grip Circumference – 4 1/4 in
  • 2017 Cadillac CT6

    • Steering Wheel Diameter – 15 in Amazon
    • Steering Wheel Grip Circumference – 4 1/4 in

How to put steering wheel cover on your Cadillac CT6 steering wheel?

Remember how shiny and spotless it was when you first picked up your Cadillac CT6 from the dealership? Not a single scratch, not a single flaw - everything was perfect. Sadly, it can’t always be this way - no matter how neat and tidy you are, your car will begin to lose its appearance over time.

This is especially noticeable on the steering wheel. Your steering wheel will inevitably start to get covered in dust and dirt; additionally, you’ll be rubbing it with your hands. If you wear rings, scratches will take a little time to emerge.

You can install a steering wheel cover to get your Cadillac CT6 interior back to pristine condition. You can use this accessory to cover up existing imperfections or install it on a new car so that the signs of use do not appear too quickly.

Anyway, here is the algorithm for installing the steering wheel cover on your Cadillac CT6.

  1. Choose a steering wheel cover that is the correct size and shape for your Cadillac CT6 steering wheel. The cover should fit snugly over the steering wheel without slipping or sliding.
  2. If the steering wheel is dirty or greasy, clean it with a mild cleaner and allow it to dry completely before installing the cover.
  3. Open the steering wheel cover and position it over the steering wheel.
  4. Gradually pull the cover down over the steering wheel’s sides, ensuring it is even on both sides.
  5. Use your hands to stretch the cover over the steering wheel until it fits tightly and securely.
  6. Adjust the cover to be centred on the steering wheel, and any patterns or designs are aligned.
  7. Test the steering wheel to ensure the cover does not interfere with the functionality or obstruct any buttons, switches, or levers.

Steering Wheel Covers

  • Valleycomfy Steering Wheel Covers Univer...

    • Fits all standard size steering wheels from 14.5 inch to 15 inches in diameter.
    • Top Quality: Heavy duty genuine leather steering cover, very soft and thick.
    • Increased Safety: A better grip on the steering wheel gives you more control on the road.
    • Inside a 100% odour free and skidproof lining...
  • Magnelex Microfiber Leather Steering Whe...

    • Protect Your Steering Wheel from the unrelenting effects of the sun with a Magnelex Steering Wheel Cover. Soft and breathable, it reduces hand slippage while also acting as a barrier from UV rays.
    • Fits 14.5” to 15” Steering Wheels of most cars and trucks. Whether you drive a Ford Focus,...
  • New Diamond Leather Steering Wheel Cover...

    • ▶Crystal Steering Wheel Cover Material: High Quality PU Leather and Top diamond craftwork: more stable compare with other same products,and will not hurt your hands.
    • ▶★★★This Bling Steering Wheel Cover for Women Girls is Universal Fit for Steering Wheel with 37-38 cm/14.5-15 inch in Diameter.Suitable for: Audi,Buick(except GL8 old Regal),Cheetah,Chevrolet,Citroen(except...
  • Valleycomfy Steering Wheel Cover for Wom...

    • ▶Premium Quality Material: This New Crystal Steering Wheel Cover made of durable microfiber leather with soft velvet, consisted hundreds of shiny rhinestones. Super Sparkly, Better Spotlight, Non-Dropping Diamond , and Comfortable Feelings, does not scratch hands, and has good anti-slip effect.
    • ▶★★★Standard Fit: This Bling Steering Wheel Cover for Women...
  • YOGURTCK Diamond Soft Leather Anti-Slip ...

    • Protect Hands: Has a very nice soft touch leather feel to it. This steering wheel cover protects your hands from heat and cold. No more burning hands during the hot seasons.
    • Soft and Comfy: The grip feels comfortable. the crystals aren’t uncomfortable at all. When the sun shines on it,...
  • KAFEEK Elastic Stretch Steering Wheel Co...

    • Suitable for all middle-size steering wheels with diameter 14 1/2 inch to 15 inch(37cm to 39cm).
    • Made of durable microfiber breathable ice silk ,bring you a great touch and feel.Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer.Healthy and Eco-friendly.
    • Sweatproof and Anti-skidding, stable, heat resistant, A better grip on the steering...

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