1994 Nissan R31-R34 Skyline GT-R



Wheel size
If you want to improve the appearance of your car - then start with the installation of new, beautiful rims - but first make sure that their parameters correspond to the factory and they will fit in their place perfectly.
Stock wheel sizes 17x8.0 – 17x9.0
Offset range 30 mm
Tire size
Your safety on the road depends on the quality of your tires - keep an eye on their condition and change them in time if you start to notice their wear.
225/50 R17, 245/45 R17



If any of the fuses blew - it will often fail and the system for which it is responsible, so if you notice a malfunction in the electrical system of the car - then check the fuses first.

1994 Nissan R31-R34 Skyline GT-R trim levels

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