Which Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared has highest ground clearance?

Interested to know how far your Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared sits above the ground?

The Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared ground clearance is measured of 17.2 inches.

As specified in the charts below, the G550 4x4 Squared enjoyed the highest ground clearance of 17.2 inches in 2017.

As a rule, you will find a higher ride height in the G550 4x4 Squared’s of higher trims.

Compare Mercedes-Benz cars' ground clearance values by choosing the year of manufacture and trim levels below!

Search ground clearance by Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared models

  • 2017 Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared

    • Ground clearance – 17.2 in / 437 mm
    • Wheelbase – 112.2 in / 2850 mm
    • Car length – 177.1 in / 4498 mm
    • Car width – 77.1 in / 1958 mm

Wondering if your Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared can go off-road?


Off-roading is always exciting. Breathtaking landscapes, trails that have probably never been trod on before, a sense of harmony and solitude with nature. But it’s only seems romantical to you, while at the same time your car is under incredible strain. The fact that you can damage body parts on branches or rocks would be the least of your worries.

If the ground clearance of your Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared is low, it means that the distance between the bottom of your car and the ground will not be sufficient, and you risk getting stuck in the first deep hole or puddle, the depth of which was underestimated in advance. Therefore, if you decided to test yourself away from civilization, you should think about increasing the ground clearance of your Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared.

If you are the owner of a body-on-frame SUV or pickup truck - you are lucky - you can increase ground clearance by installing a lift kit or leveling kit - it will greatly increase the distance between the bottom of the car and the ground - sometimes even more than 2 times! Unfortunately, this method is not applicable to most vehicles - if your vehicle has no frame at the base, this method of modification will not work for you. However, you can increase ground clearance in another way - install the larger rims and bigger tires - it may be insignificant, but it will help you when driving where there are no roads.

Here are some extra tips to help you prepare your vehicle for off-roading:

  • Check your tires: Make sure your tires are properly inflated and in good condition. Consider upgrading to off-road tires that have deeper treads for better traction on rough terrain.
  • Protect the undercarriage: Install skid plates and other undercarriage protection to prevent damage to vital components such as the oil pan, transmission, and transfer case.
  • Upgrade the suspension: A more robust suspension system will help absorb the shock of rough terrain, and allow your vehicle to flex more without damage.
  • Add recovery gear: Equip your vehicle with recovery gear such as a winch, tow straps, and shackles in case you get stuck and need help getting out.
  • Check fluids and brakes: Make sure all of your fluids are at the proper levels and that your brakes are in good condition.
  • Bring extra supplies: Bring extra fuel, water, fuel and food in case of emergencies.
  • Know your vehicle's limits: Be aware of your vehicle's capabilities and limitations, and always drive within your skill level.

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