BMW Battery Size Charts & Specs

Depending on the model, BMW vehicles may have different battery sizes. Here you will learn the battery capacity, dimensions and other technical specs for BMW cars

Find out the battery size by simply choosing the BMW car model. You will see the battery size charts that also contain some additional information about the engine type, magnitude of the current, and terminal voltage.

Check Battery size by vehicle

  • BMW M3

    • Battery size – 91-1, H8-AGM, 48H6, 93-1, 94RH7, H7-AGM, 92/T7-2
  • BMW M6

    • Battery size – H9-AGM, 95R/H9, H8-AGM
  • BMW X1

    • Battery size – H7-AGM, H6-AGM, 91-1, 94RH7, 48H6
  • BMW X3

    • Battery size – H8-AGM, H9-AGM, 95R/H9, 93-1, 48H6, 49H8, 91-1
  • BMW X4

    • Battery size – H9-AGM, H8-AGM
  • BMW 750

    • Battery size – H9-AGM, 95R/H9, H8-AGM
  • BMW X5

    • Battery size – H8-AGM, H9-AGM, 91-1, 48H6, 93-1, 49H8, 94RH7
  • BMW X6

    • Battery size – H9-AGM, H8-AGM, 91-1, 48H6, 95R/H9
  • BMW Z3

    • Battery size – 48H6, H6-AGM, 91-1

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