Audi A3 vehicles

Audi A3 underwent a body style transformation by mutating from hatchback into sedan in 2013 at the world premiere in New York.

Audi A3 Sedan is a C-class front-wheel drive sedan. Despite the fact that the A3 sedan belongs to the same line as the eponymous hatchback, it apparently differs from its predecessor not only by addition of the trunk. Designers paid special attention to the relief of the body panels, slightly changed the line under the doors, underlined wheel arches, redrawn bumpers, grille and some other details, while retaining the overall concept and awareness model. 

By the way, differences and advantages of A3 sedan include the fact that it is larger than hatchback in length, width and height. Increase in size resulted into a bigger trunk (425 liters), but it almost did not affect the curb weight equaling 2756 lb. 

A3 is based in the platform with McPherson racks and A-shaped lower arms on aluminum subframe in the front suspension and four-link rear design. And if we talk about mandatory stabilization system, the engineers integrated an electronic transverse differential lock imitation in it, which due to light braking of the inner front wheel can minimize lack of steer when cornering. 


2023 Audi A3

MSRP $34,900 Fuel Tank 14.5 gal Wheelbase 103.5 ”
MPG 28 city/38 hwy
Engine 2.0L I-4 Curb 3329 lbs
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