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Acura RL, a high-tech sedan, was presented by the luxury department of Honda - Acura in 2004. Four years later the Japanese company decided to update its flagship and made a lot of changes. The most obvious change touched upon the exterior of Acura RL. 

Acura RL changed completely at the back, from lights and bumper to the form exhaust ports. A restyled front of will not give you a chance to confuse Acura RL with the previous edition of the model. Five new colors were added to Acura RL palette. Acura RL is equipped with the advanced AWD system “Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive system”. It combines a real difference (active differentials) of the all-wheel drive and traction control system, like the "ATTS", presented at the Honda Prelude SH 1997. 

Packed with high-tech features improving the driving experience, comfort and safety, Acura RL rightfully takes its place among the luxury four-door sedans. Sticking to its sports direction Acura RL offers a comfortable interior with sporty elements. Its spaciousness creates a good mood and a feeling of comfort.


2012 Acura RL

Photo 2012 Acura RL
MSRP $48,200 Fuel Tank 19.4 gal Wheelbase 110.2 ”
MPG 17 city/24 hwy 0-60 mph 5.7 sec Clearance 5.70”
Engine Towing 1000 lbs Curb 4099 lbs
Tires P245/45VR18.0 BSW performance AS Cargo 13.1 cu.ft
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