H7 bulb

General Description of the H7 Bulb

Which Group (1, 2 and 3) it belongs to

The H7 bulb falls under Group 1 as stated by the UN Regulation 37.

Where it can be used as a replacement part (headlights, fog lights, parking lights, etc)

The H7 bulb is a road legal bulb that can be put into multiple uses. These include your parking lights, fog lights, sidelights, headlights, number plat lights, etc.

What technologies (Halogen, LED or HID Xenon) this light bulb utilizes

The bulb is mainly found with halogen technology. There are, however, options with LED and HID technology within the market.

Is it single or dual beam lamp? How many filaments are there (one or two)?

The H7 bulb is a dual beam lamp. It has one filament that produces two beams.

Is it used in projector or reflector headlights?

H7 bulbs are mainly used in projector headlights.

What is the usual life span (1,2 or more years)?

The lifespan of a H7 lamp is approximately 1,000 hours of use. This could be longer where the lamp has been properly taken care of.

How its name is deciphered

The word ‘H7’ is used to distinguish the size and type of the bulb.

What base it uses

The H7 bulb uses a PGJ19-1 base.

Bulb specs (wattages. volts, lumens, kelvins)

The nominal power of a typical H7 bulb is 55 watts at 12 volts or 70 watts at 24 volts.

Some hints for upgrading the light with this bulb type

Despite their stated capacities, it’s possible to go for whiter and brighter H7 bulbs. These are available on the market and are a great upgrade for your halogen bulbs.

Best H7 Headlight Bulb

We searched through all the best and brightest Halogen, LED, and HID lamps to find out which ones perform best. We ranked them based on their capabilities and features. If your vehicle boasts of a projector housing, pick any of the bulb types listed. However, if it uses a reflector housing, pick any except the Xenon options. These cause a dazzling effect with reflector housing.

Best H7 Fog Lights

The above-mentioned chart has a list of light bulbs that you can pick from. For headlights, go for higher power outputs such as 55 watts and above. For fog lights, pick bulbs that boasts of 35 watts and below.

Best Brands for H7 Bulb


Sylania boasts of lighting solutions that offer long-lasting service and innovative technology. Some of the products on sale offer thermal management, great performance, and style that matches most of the modern vehicles. The “instant-on’ technology offered provides added safety to drivers and enables them to see where they are going.


Philips has been able to stay at the top of most companies that produce lighting solutions for the automotive world for years. This is because it partners with industry leaders to ensure that it provides the best products. One particular partnership is with a light-emitting diode manufacturer called Lumileds which is also a subsidiary of Philips.


In addition to being a manufacturer of lighting solutions for the automotive industry, Auxbeam is also a car modification enthusiast. It aims at helping fellow enthusiasts enjoy wonderful driving experiences through its products. Products are availed at affordable prices with creative designs and multi-functional performance.


Cougar sells itself as a high-end automotive lighting manufacturer that aims at changing the way people see and drive at night. Throughout the years, the company has showcased high levels of excellent service to its customers and partners. It has also been awarded and recognized for its products since its inception in 2006.


Sealight is a leading manufacturer in LED lighting solutions. The company stays committed to its mission which focuses on producing customer-focused products. It also aims at bringing innovative, convenient, and high-quality products to buyers all over the world.


Beamtech is widely known for providing some of the best low budget lighting kits available on the market. Its LED kits are able to mimic halogen bulbs and perform better than some of the products offered by other manufacturers. The company’s products are a first choice for many worldwide.


Hella is a family-owned international company with a rich history of more than 100 years. It manufactures and develops electronic products and lighting technologies for the automotive industry. The company has one of the biggest retail organizations for vehicle accessories and parts in Europe.

General Electric

With the every-increasing regulations for lighting standards, vehicle owners need lighting solutions that adhere to changes in laws and technological innovations. GE prides itself in offering lighting systems that do just that. Its products offer consistent brightness and unmatched performance.

H7 Bulb Cross Reference

The H7 bulb is not interchangeable with any other bulb because of its unique wiring setup.


H7 Installation: How to remove H7 bulb

Step 1: Locate your headlight assembly. This should be found under the hood near the engine.

Step 2: Disconnect all power cables that send power to the headlight housing.

Step 3: Unscrew and remove the old bulb from the assembly.

Step 4: Clean the new bulb and screw it in place. Avoid touching the glass part with bare fingers.

Step 5: Test the new bulb by turning on your headlights once you ignite the engine.


H7 Tips

  1. Always check your vehicle manual before installing new bulbs. Bulbs that have excess power can cause damage to the wiring harness.
  2. When installing HID bulbs, adjust them to face slightly downwards. This is because they are normally very bright and may cause visibility issues for oncoming vehicles.

H7 Bulb Fits What Car?

If you wish to find a bulb that matches your vehicle model, select the type of car you own from the drop-down menu. You will get to see a list of light bulbs that are compatible to your type of vehicle.

Q&A Section

What is an H7 bulb?

H7 bulbs are bulbs that are classified under Group 1 by the UN Regulation 37. They come with a single filament and can be used for all sorts of automotive lighting needs. They are also available in blue, yellow, white and violet colors.

Which cars use H7 bulbs?

H7 bulbs fit various car models from different automotive manufacturers. These include Mazda, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and many more.

What is the difference between H7 and H8 bulbs?

H7 falls in line with the bulb connector while the H8 bulb has an L-shaped connector.