9145 LED bulb

Will 9145 LED lamp fit into the lighting system of my car? Actually, this is a great question to ask as 9145 LED has specific base matching only the vehicles with the same fitting. According, to ECE Regulation No. 37 automotive light bulbs are classified into three major groups:

  • Group 1 - does not imply any restrictions and lamps of this group can be installed on any part of the vehicle. 
  • Group 2 - these light bulbs are only allowed to be used in signalling, cornering, reversing lamps and rear license plate lamps.
  • Group 3 - lamps are only good for replacement.

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  • HIKARI Ultra 9145 LED Ultra Bright Bulbs

    Experience brighter, safer driving with HIKARI Ultra 9145 LED Ultra Bright Bulbs. With a 500% increase in brightness over stock, these bulbs are designed to light up the road and provide a clear, sharp beam pattern that will not blind oncoming traffic. The latest in ZES LED technology ensures efficient power use, drawing less than 32 watts. These lightweight and durable bulbs have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, making them a great investment for your vehicle. Upgrade to the top Torch LED headlight bulbs in the world with HIKARI Ultra.

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Check out below the list of places that 9145 LED bulbs can potentially fit into. Choose your car model by the year of production to idenfity the best replacement Halogen LED or HID 9145 LED light bulb.