9003 bulb

Will 9003 lamp fit into the lighting system of my car? Actually, this is a great question to ask as 9003 has specific base matching only the vehicles with the same fitting. According, to ECE Regulation No. 37 automotive light bulbs are classified into three major groups:

  • Group 1 - does not imply any restrictions and lamps of this group can be installed on any part of the vehicle. 
  • Group 2 - these light bulbs are only allowed to be used in signalling, cornering, reversing lamps and rear license plate lamps.
  • Group 3 - lamps are only good for replacement.

    Halogen Lights

  • PIAA 15224 H4 (9003 / HB2) Xtreme White Plus

    Xtreme White Hybrid bulbs are great for down-road illumination, giving you the ability to see farther with greater safety and comfort. Made from high-quality quartz glass as well as alloy filaments that won't break or bend under pressure like regular metals can sometimes do! The Xtra white bulb's construction allows it to withstand intense heat longer so they last much longer before needing replacement which costs less than when replacing them every few months because of their quality material use in combination with far better-distributed weight throughout each unit making this an investment worth having even if just once.

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    LED Lights

  • All-New Hikari Titanova H4/9003 LED Light Bulbs 30000 Lumens

    All-New Hikari Titanova LED Light Bulbs 30000 Lumens are the perfect replacement for your old, inefficient light bulbs. They're 65 watts and emit 30000 lumens of light, making them some of the brightest LED light bulbs on the market. Plus, they're compatible with most fixtures and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. These bulbs are also Energy Star certified, meaning they meet high efficiency standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. So not only will you be getting a quality product, you'll also be doing your part to help reduce your carbon footprint. 

  • Hikari UltraFocus H4/9003 LED Bulbs,18000LM,Dual Beam

    The Most High-Tech Led Headlight Bulbs Ever! Uniform Beam Pattern, Patented Design. BRIGHTEST BULBS. BEST BEAM PATTERN.

    The HIKARI Ultra series was first included in the list of Texas Transit Authority procurement program in Sept 2018. Best led headlight bulbs on the market.

  • Fahren 9003/H4 LED Light Bulbs 6500K

    Introducing the Fahren 9003 LED Light Bulbs - the ultimate solution for all your headlight needs! Whether you're commuting in the city or taking a long drive on the highway, these LED light bulbs will provide you with bright and clear lighting, giving you the confidence to take on any road ahead.

    With a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin, the Fahren 9003 LED Light Bulbs produce a bright and natural white light that is easy on the eyes and provides excellent visibility. The high wattage of 120 watts ensures that you get maximum brightness without compromising on energy efficiency.

    The Fahren 9003 LED Light Bulbs are easy to install, and you can do it yourself without any professional help. The perfect beam pattern means that the light is evenly distributed, providing maximum visibility without any dark spots or shadows.

  • Torchbeam H4/9003/HB2 LED Headlight Bulbs

    whether you're driving on dark country roads or navigating busy city streets, the Torchbeam H4/9003/HB2 LED Headlight Bulbs are the ideal choice for unbeatable brightness, durability, and performance.

    With a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours, these bulbs are designed to provide reliable performance for years to come. And thanks to our multi-stage cooling system, which includes both a high-speed fan and a unique heat sink design, these bulbs stay cool even during extended periods of use. With an almost 1:1 mini-sized design as halogen bulbs, these bulbs are easy to install and provide a seamless fit for most vehicle models. And with 360° no blind spots and a perfect beam pattern, you can be sure that your headlights will provide maximum visibility on the road.

    These bulbs are 900% brighter than stock bulbs, making these headlights the perfect choice for drivers who demand the very best. Upgrade your headlights today and experience the difference for yourself!

  • RENO H4/9003 LED Headlight Bulb

    Introducing the RENO H4/9003 LED Headlight Bulb - a powerful lighting solution that combines advanced technology with superior performance. With its impressive features and unmatched reliability, this headlight bulb is designed to enhance your driving experience like never before. Featuring a remarkable power output of 60W and an impressive brightness of 12,000LM, the RENO H4/9003 LED Headlight Bulb ensures exceptional visibility on the road. Its cool white 6000K color temperature provides a crisp and clear illumination, enabling you to see the road ahead with utmost clarity.

    Equipped with a built-in driver, this H4 LED headlight bulb is CanBUS ready, ensuring a seamless integration with your vehicle's electrical system. Say goodbye to radio interference and experience a hassle-free lighting upgrade. Unlike traditional xenon headlight bulbs, the RENO H4/9003 LED Headlight Bulb eliminates dark spots, shadow areas, and glare. With its high-quality LED chips, the light emitted is precisely focused, extending its reach for improved visibility.

    In addition to its exceptional performance, the RENO H4/9003 LED Headlight Bulb boasts an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours, ensuring long-lasting reliability. This means fewer replacements and more time enjoying the benefits of superior lighting on the road.

  • Laxmas H4/9003/HB2 LED Bulbs, 600% Brightness , Hi/Lo

    Introducing the Laxmas H4/9003/HB2 LED Bulbs - the ultimate headlight upgrade for unparalleled brightness and performance. With its impressive features and hassle-free installation, this bulb is designed to transform your driving experience. Experience a stunning 600% increase in brightness with the Laxmas H4/9003/HB2 LED Bulbs. Producing a remarkable 80W power output and an astonishing 18,000LM per pair, these bulbs provide a cool white LED light with a 6500K color temperature. Enjoy six times the visibility compared to traditional halogen bulbs, ensuring a clear and well-lit road ahead.

    The 1:1 Perfect Beam Pattern of the Laxmas H4/9003/HB2 LED Bulbs guarantees an identical super-focused beam pattern to that of halogen bulbs. Say goodbye to dark spots and foggy light, ensuring a safe and reliable lighting solution that won't blind oncoming traffic. Designed to last, the Laxmas H4/9003/HB2 LED Bulbs boast an impressive lifespan of over 50,000 hours. Featuring a 6x heat sink design and a 1,2000RPM turbo cool fan, these bulbs effectively dissipate heat, extending their lifespan up to 5 years. Enjoy long-lasting and reliable lighting performance.Compatibility is not an issue with the Laxmas H4/9003/HB2 LED Bulbs. They are compatible with 99% of vehicles, ensuring a seamless fit for a wide range of makes and models.

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Check out below the list of places that 9003 bulbs can potentially fit into. Choose your car model by the year of production to idenfity the best replacement Halogen LED or HID 9003 light bulb.