3157R bulb

Will 3157R lamp fit into the lighting system of my car? Actually, this is a great question to ask as 3157R has specific base matching only the vehicles with the same fitting. According, to ECE Regulation No. 37 automotive light bulbs are classified into three major groups:

  • Group 1 - does not imply any restrictions and lamps of this group can be installed on any part of the vehicle. 
  • Group 2 - these light bulbs are only allowed to be used in signalling, cornering, reversing lamps and rear license plate lamps.
  • Group 3 - lamps are only good for replacement.

    LED Lights

  • Sylvania Zevo LED Red Bulb

    SYLVANIA ZEVO LED bulbs deliver a brighter, whiter, sharper light. As easy as changing a light bulb, you can have improved performance and safety for interior and exterior applications. World-class manufacturing and high-quality materials guarantee a lifetime warranty on your ZEVO bulbs. LED bulbs used for turn signals may require the use of load resistors to ensure appropriate power is supplied to the bulbs and prevent hyper flashing. 

    Delivers A Brighter and Sharper Light: This is a RED LED bulb – Ideal for stop and tail lights.

  • Philips 3157 Ultinon LED Bulb (Red)

    Get stylish signaling with intense red light. Whether it’s for backup, stopping, or signaling, Philips Ultinon LED exterior lighting is designed to provide excellent light distribution. Philips Ultinon LED lights are direct replacements for conventional bulbs. They’re easy to install and available for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

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Check out below the list of places that 3157R bulbs can potentially fit into. Choose your car model by the year of production to idenfity the best replacement Halogen LED or HID 3157R light bulb.