194 bulb

Will 194 lamp fit into the lighting system of my car? Actually, this is a great question to ask as 194 has specific base matching only the vehicles with the same fitting. According, to ECE Regulation No. 37 automotive light bulbs are classified into three major groups:

  • Group 1 - does not imply any restrictions and lamps of this group can be installed on any part of the vehicle. 
  • Group 2 - these light bulbs are only allowed to be used in signalling, cornering, reversing lamps and rear license plate lamps.
  • Group 3 - lamps are only good for replacement.

    LED Lights

  • Philips 127916000KB2

    Vision LED lights last 12 year. First to market with proven street-legal exterior LEDs.  Philips Vision LEDs are available for brake and taillights, back-up lights, dome lights, glove compartment lights, trunk lights, and license plate lights.

  • Pack of 2 Xtreme Vision 360 X treme Ultinon

    - Fittings: Philips led Bulb Fits in W5W, 194, 168
    - 360° Light Diffusion - Philips LED exterior lighting range is designed for a smarter light distribution to ensure that exterior signaling light is projected where you need it (whether that’s reversing, stopping, or signaling). With wide angle and uniform light diffusion, not only can you can see more of the road, other drivers can see more of you.

  • Marsauto LED Light Bulb 6000K Replacement Bulbs

    These bulbs could fit most of the positions of the car but do not fit all positions of your car, according to the year and model of your car, please double check the owner's manual. For some vehicles, It may need a canbus decoder to fix flickering or error code

  • Alla Lighting Super Bright 168 194 LED Bulbs With 3014 SMD Chip

    • Direct fit the interior map, dome, and trunk lights bulbs with T10 wedge (bulb size like 194, 168, 2825, W5W, 175, 161,921, 912, etc) for cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, Vans, etc
    • High illumination & high performance of pure cool white color, enhance many visions and luxury
    • Shows clear cool white color, and increases brightness by more than 400%.
    • More attractive and safer driving
  • AUXITO Ultra Blue LED Bulbs For Car Interior

    Product benefits:

    1. Canbus error free, no error after installation.
    2. 360-degree lighting angle, no visual blind spot.
    3. Energy-Saving, low power consumption for a longer life span.
    4. Easy to install, non-polarity just plug and play.
    5. Brilliant red color light brings your car a refreshed new look.
    6. Fits directly into multiple bulb-size sockets such as 168 175 194 2825 912 921 W5W T10.

    Used for license plate tag lights, map lights, dome lights, parking city lights, front/rear side marker lights, trunk cargo room lights, turn signal lights, reading lights, glove box lights, inner tail light bulbs, etc.

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Check out below the list of places that 194 bulbs can potentially fit into. Choose your car model by the year of production to idenfity the best replacement Halogen LED or HID 194 light bulb.