Although they are becoming increasingly popular, the difference between off-road tires and mud-terrain tires is still a mystery to many car owners.

Mud terrain tires differ mainly in their areas of application and the versatility offered. Normal tires were developed in order to be able to build up sufficient grip on asphalt roads in everyday life. Mud terrain tires, on the other hand, are designed for driving on dirt and mud.

The difference between 4x4 tires and standard tires

SUVs, which means vehicles with optional or permanent all-wheel drive, drive on special 4x4 tires. These tires are characterized by a different structure and special driving characteristics.

Standard tires are not suitable for off-road or mud-terrain use. Their flatter and finer profile is clogged quickly by mud and dirt, which means that the tires can barely build up grip and begin to spin. For your adventures, you need off-road tires such as mud-terrain tires.

What’s different about tires for mud terrain

The major difference between normal and mud-terrain tires is the procurement of the carcasses that is the structure of the tires. This defines how stable and resistant the tires are on the slippery mud surface.

In addition to the structure of the tires, the reinforcements of the tire sidewalls, as well as the rubber compound, profile structure, and tread depth, should provide the best grip on a wet road and especially on mud. Mud terrain tires require a specially developed tread pattern and the grooves between the tread blocks must be wider.

Mud terrain off-road tires show what the car can really do when the surface is loose dirt, mud, or mud and gravel mix. In contrast to regular off-road tires, they grind through a mud surface. In addition, the rubber compound is significantly harder, similar to regular summer tires for cars.

Mud terrain tires: how to choose

If you can see the "MT" label on a 4x4 tire, then it is a tire that is primarily designed for off-road use. This also includes, for example, rocky surfaces, mud, and much more.

For wet and mud terrain, you will need a “Great swamper” type of tire. As the name suggests, these tires are designed for particularly demanding surfaces. This is mainly due to its grippy profile. These tires are just right for you if you still need very good grip even in difficult terrain.

For extreme terrain, mud terrain tires have also been developed the ability to work with low air pressure. With this trick, mud terrain tires adapt to even difficult swamps and enable an experienced driver to conquer even the most slippery surface. The wide and deep tread ensures increased durability and the side studs ensure good mobility on mud.

Tip: You should also keep in mind that the profile of mud terrain tires wears out faster due to the soft rubber compound, which ensures the best possible performance off-road. The average is just under 65,000 kilometers, with some models even up to 112,000 kilometers.

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