When the old tires are worn out and need to be replaced with new ones, many vehicle owners ask themselves where, when and which tires they should buy in order to spend as little money as possible. Good tires are expensive and, especially at the beginning of the season, the prices for a complete set of tires are often not so easy to finance for everyone.

But the good news is that if you follow a few simple tips, you can save a lot of money.

How to save money on tires: Time of purchase

The period when you buy tires can be a decisive criterion for the price. For example, in the case of winter tires, which should be fitted around October, experience in recent years has shown that the time from the end of August to mid-November is the cheapest time to buy tires. Because this is where the price for the new season's models is lowest and you can get some good bargains.

However, if it is not so important to always drive the models of the current season, you can also save a lot of money in the early summer when buying models from last year.

Don't buy new tires too early

Do your tires still have significantly more than a 1.6 mm profile? Then you may not have to buy a new set at all! According to the law, only a minimum profile depth of 1.6 millimeters is required. Yet, many drivers change their tires much earlier on average: summer tires at 2.8 to 3 mm, winter tires at 3.5 mm tread depth. Use your tires for longer and save money.

Beware of cheap tires

These sometimes really strong price differences can be observed above all for cheap tires. But no matter how tempting these offers are, it is better not to be drawn to such offers. Numerous tire tests show how badly cheap tires perform compared to premium tires, especially when it comes to braking distances, which in the event of an accident can even make the difference between life and death.

Look out for reputable budget brands

But there are also cheaper tire brands that are still very safe. For example, the manufacturer Nexen offers models that do well in the tests and still don’t empty your wallet. In general, price comparisons are always a good idea and should definitely be used.

Try retreaded tires

Another way to save money is to buy used tires. Many car dealerships and workshops still offer models in really good condition at very reasonable prices.

Retreads often do not have a good reputation. Strict legal requirements apply to the reconditioned car tires; only models that have been manufactured and tested may be sold. However, same as with new tires, there is a two-year guarantee on retreads.

In addition, they offer very clear cost advantages - up to 50 percent compared to new tires are possible! The reason is that not the whole tire is renewed, only the tread. This process is significantly cheaper than producing a new tire.

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