Marketing Report – Volkswagen



Volkswagen (abbreviated VW) is a German automobile manufacturer that was founded on the 28th of May 1937. The company was originally founded by the Nazi Trade Union known as the German Labour Front. At the time the majority of cars being manufactured in Germany were luxurious models that were very expensive. Adolf Hitler, the Chancellor of Germany, decided to sponsor the construction of a new state-owned factory that could produce a car that had a price similar to that of a small motorcycle. The factory was built in Wolfsburg in 1938 and the prototype of the first Volkswagen car was designed by Erwin Komenda. Continue reading “Marketing Report – Volkswagen”

Audi Marketing Sample

Executive Summary
Audi is a brand of vehicle that is manufactured by a German automobile company, ranging from super-mini to cross over SUVs, accompanied by various body styles as well as different ranges of market price. Audi is leveled on the same brand as the Volkswagen Group (Oneighturbo). Audi is named after its founder- August Horch. Horch means to listen in German and on translation it means Audi in Latin. Though the Audi headquarter is in Ingolstadt, Germany, the brand is marketed and known worldwide. Continue reading “Audi Marketing Sample”

Market Analysis of Automobile Industry in India 2013

1. Introduction
Automobile industry is the key driver of any growing economy. Due to its deep forward and backward relation with almost every segment of the economy, the industry has a string and positive multiplier effect and thus propels progress of a nation. Continue reading “Market Analysis of Automobile Industry in India 2013”

Toyota’s Accelerator and Public Relations Crisis

Toyota’s Accelerator and Public Relations Crisis

One of the world’s top automakers, Toyota was once one of the leaders in automobile and business improvement and manufacturing. However, in 2009 the top builder of reliable and high quality cars went through one of the largest recalls in the history of the United States. Consumers had considered Toyota one of the top in the race for automobile and automobile selling among car manufacturers. They have always had a reputation as being a leader of quality and efficiency in terms of their production and manufacturing standards. Since the recall Toyota has taken a tremendous blow to its reputation and its loyal customer basis. Continue reading “Toyota’s Accelerator and Public Relations Crisis”

Porsche Swot

One of the company’s strength is the simplicity of their product. Each year Porsche’s sports cars look similar to the previous year with slight modifications that separate them and make them better. With this car, the company’s image is of luxury, high quality, and style that do not change drastically from year to year so that costumers will always know what they are getting and never be disappointed. Continue reading “Porsche Swot”

German Car Industry

Auto German Automotive IndustryOverview Makers – BMW, Audi, VW
Markets – EU and non-EU – overview

The largest shareholder of Audi AG is Volkswagen AG, which holds over 99 percent of the share capital. Volkswagen AG includes the consolidated accounts of Audi AG in its own consolidated financial statements. In recent years, the possibility of Audi being spun off or otherwise divested by Volkswagen has been mooted Continue reading “German Car Industry”

Dual Clutch Transmission

A dual-clutch transmission, (DCT) (sometimes referred to as a twin-clutch gearbox or double-clutch transmission), is a type of semi-automatic or automated manual automotive transmission. It uses two separate clutches[1] for odd and even gear sets. It can fundamentally be described as two separate manual transmissions (with their respective clutches) contained within one housing, and working as one unit.[2][3] They are usually operated in a fully automatic mode, and many also have the ability to allow the driver to manually shift gears,[1] albeit still carried out by the transmission’s electro-hydraulics. Contents [hide] Continue reading “Dual Clutch Transmission”

Analysis on Luxury Car Market in India


I hereby declare that the project report entitled “An Analysis on the Luxury Car Market in India at Audi.” submitted by me in partial fulfillment for the award of Bachelors Degree in Business Administration of Amity University is genuine and original work / research carried out by me. Continue reading “Analysis on Luxury Car Market in India”

Case 8 Netflix Versus Blockbuster Versus Video-on-Demand

Executive Summary
With the autocratic management style of Ferdinand Piëch, VW was able to expand and grow during a time when there were increasing cost pressures on automakers world wide. Innovations in the manufacturing process through integration and redesign of the value chain helped VW group reduce set up costs, manufacturing costs and labour costs while significantly reducing development times and costs of new models. Although Piëch was basically a one man band having control of the R & D, Quality, Production and Purchasing departments, his direction has left the incoming CEO with a solid base to further develop and grow the VW group. His vision and drive have placed VW in the position of number one automaker in Europe with market share well ahead of the nearest competitor. Continue reading “Case 8 Netflix Versus Blockbuster Versus Video-on-Demand”